Bootstrap Tutorial

To profit best from this tutorial, you should already have a basic understanding of

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

What is bootstrap?

The creators of the Bootstrap framework are Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton from Twitter. After they used lots of different frameworks, they found it would be nice to have a unified baseframework for all their internal tool-development.

It helps you creating web-applications more quickly, as you can focus on your software and less on all html- and browserdependent problems! It has a grid-system, which allows you to create a great layout with not hassle, believe me! It gives you cool styles for existing elements like tables, forms, buttons and all kind of inputs. And it comes with special elements like jumbotrons, navigations and many more!

Where can I get bootstrap?

You can find it either on or directly from their github-site. Beside hosting the css and js-files yourself, you could also use cdn (content delivery network)-links which you can find on the getbootstrap-page. All of our examples will use them too.

Why should I use bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a real timeserver. It is almost industry standard. Tens of thousands of companies are using Bootstrap. It is proven and tested. A really reliable framework. And it is backed by Twitter.  I’m not working for them, but this framework is just awesome, thats why you should learn it!

Start learning Bootstrap now!