Dynamics CRM Marketinglist Target

In an enterprise it is often not sufficient to create the marketinglists within Dynamics CRM. Instead there’s probably a BI-tool, which preselects accounts or contacts for a marketing-campaign. Unfortunatly there’s no powerful option to import marketinglists inclusive members into Dynamics CRM.

Migrate marketinglists with the Dynamics CRM Marketinglist Target

With the Marketinglist Jointype we can choose, if we want to enter a marketinglist manually for all members or if we want to join multiple different lists, which we specify in our source-data. With If Join Unsuccessful we can define, if a new marketinglist should be created if it is not already in Dynamics CRM. It is very likely that you want to do so.

In the following we’ll see the two configuration-types with example source-data.

Manual List-Configuration


Data for a manual marketinglist


As you can see, the above data does not have a marketinglist specified. Instead it is defined in the field Marketinglist Name.

If we want to migrate into multiple marketinglists, we switch the join-type to Join Marketinglist.

Join List-Configuration


Data to join marketinglist(s)

My MarketinglistsFirstnameLastname
A ListMikeBrave
Another ListJohnHubbard

The first column in the data above will then be used to either search an existing list in Dynamics Crm or create a new one.

Migrate marketinglist-members

The marketinglist allows to migrate one membertype at once. Select on the target the membertype account-, contact- or leads to add to the list. Then join the members by dragging lines from the source to the corresponding entity-attribute. In the example-data in the first part, we’ve shown first- and lastname. Even if we could do it this way, we’d rather use an id to do the join the crm-records, as it is likely we couldn’t distinguish the contacts enough by first- and lastname.