Integrationtool tutorial

Developing the integration-tool is alot of work. Please consider to make a donation!.


The main purpose of the integrationtool is to process data between two systems. Right now it mainly supports Dynamics CRM2011-2016/Dynamics 365 as target. In the future it is possible, that other systems will be supported as well. The graphical designer makes it possible for non-programmers to create imports and interfaces between two systems. This tool is my personal opensource project. You can download the Integration Tool V1.21 here.

(Screenshot of the highlevel processing-flow)

The tool can be used for one-time imports or for regularly running interfaces as well. It comes with two executables, the ProjectDesigner and the ConsoleProjectStarter.

One-Time imports
One-time imports can be designed and executed directly within the ProjectDesigner.

Creating interfaces
If you want to run a package regularly (i.e. every night), you can create a scheduled task, which runs the ConsoleProjectStarter. This console-application takes the package as a parameter.

Dynamics CRM related Features

  • Create records
  • Update records
  • Delete records
  • Support for custom entities
  • Relate entities
  • Set owner
  • Set state
  • Create marketinglists and relate members

Tool Features

  • Execute Flowsteps
  • Execute MSSQL Commands
  • Execute ODBC Commands
  • Execute Commandline Commands
  • Send Emails
  • Write to eventlog


  • Load from excelsheets
  • Load from mssql-database
  • Load from odbc-connections
  • Load from textfiles (i.e. xml)
  • On-the-fly data-transformations like stringtransformation or adding defaultvalues
  • Datafilters allows to apply transformations on certain records only
  • Write to Dynamics CRM

For a quick ramp-up I recommend you the getting started article.

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