Data Transformations

Imagine you get data from your customer. Very often it is not directly in the format you need it. Instead of manually reworking every version you get from your customer, you can apply data transformations on the source-data. You can even apply these transformations on a subset of the data only, by setting a datafilter on the transformation.

So far the tool has the following types of transformations. Many more are planned and will come in a future version.

String transformation
Very often your input are not in the format you’d like it to have. Stringtransformation allows you to apply trim, replace and many more functions on a value.

Add default value
Allows to add a new column with a default-value set. This can become powerful in combination with datafilters, when you need to have a default-value on specific records only!

Column concatenation
If you have to columns, whoms value you need to have concatenated in one, you can use this module. An example could be, if you have to build a fullname from the first- and lastname.


This is a very powerful feature, which is available for all data-transformations. You can set filters to restrict on which records the transformations are applied.

The following screenshot shows how to add a default-value for specific records only:
Filtered Default Value image

Preview Data

Once you’ve configured the transformation, you can preview how the data looks after the transformation. To do so save the transformation and select the connection after the transformation. A magnifying-glass will appear.
MagnifyingGlass image

Double-click it to preview the data
DataPreview image

These features gives you a very helpful tools in your hands. With the transformations in combination with the filters you can overcome many difficult situations. Use them creatively and enjoy!