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Integration Tool V1.21
Integration Tool V1.20
Integration Tool V1.19
Integration Tool V1.18
Integration Tool V1.17
Integration Tool V1.16
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Integration Tool V1.9

Release Notes

– Small bugfixes in designer

– Improved performance (primary keys will be resolved alot faster)
– Minor bugfix related to update only changed values

– Dynamics CRM: On the import settings tab you can now additionally select Update (changed values only) and Create & Update (changed values only) to send changed values only to CRM.

– Crm-Connection now fully supports Dynamics 365

– New Join-Records Transformation to join two datasources together
– Supports regex in filter
– Supports regex-replace in string-transformations
– For the picklist-mappings it is possible to specify a behavior, when there’s no mapping found (fail import, ignore, set default value)
– Several small bugfixes

– Fix bug (save transformation asked for connection even tough it has none)
– Fixed loss of white spaces
– Fixed loss of picklistmappings, when they were no longer in sourcefile

– Dynamics CRM: N2N relations are now possible with the new Many-To-Many target
– Fixed bug in Dynamics Crm source
– Fixed bug (if a source had a wrong configuration, it was not possible to changed it anymore)

– Many bugfixes in the designer
– Improved test
– It is now possible to have a primarykey multiple times in the source

– Enabled Dynamics CRM 2016

– New Source-Module: Load from CSV
– New Target-Module: Write to Excel

– File Connection and Sourcemodule
– XML Transformation module
– Copy paste inclusive configurations
– Minor improvements in MSSQL-Source (disposing)
– New DataFilters
— String StartsWith
— String EndsWith