Error handling

Error handling isn’t the most fancy topic, but one of the most important tough! It makes your integrations reliable and informs you, if anything doesn’t work as it should.

With the Integration Tool you can define two things, that should happen in case of an error.

  • Define wether following steps must be executed.
  • Definition of an errorpath to execute other steps.

Typically such errors happen, when i.e. a source is not available or a step crashes for whatever reason. In the future it might even be possible to define in which cases a step should fail.

Following steps

When you select a Flow Step, a properties window appears on the left side. The On Error setting allows you to choose between the following:

  • Execute following steps
  • Do not execute following steps

On Error Property Settings

Error path

Certainly you want to be informed or take specific actions, when an error happens. For this, you can specify a separate error path, which will only be executed, when the flow step failed. To do so, simply connect a path on the red connector on the flow step like on the following sequence:

Sequence with error-handling

So far there are two steps, which you’ll likely use in such an errorpath:

  • Send Email
  • Write to eventlog