The Integration Tool is released quite frequently, will my existing projects still work with the new version?
Yes, the Integration Tool will remain backwards compatible forever! This will allow you to upgrade the tool at any time. I know from personal experience, how crucial it is for companies, that their investments in technology remain safe in long term.

When I start the Integration Tool, I get the error "could not load type customAttributeExtensions from assembly mscorlib"
Please make sure, that you have installed at least .Net 4.52 or higher!

CRM Target

Which sourceformat does the data need to have?
Please see the following list:

booleanBooleans need to be either true or false in your source. It is also valid to deliver them as text (‘true’ and ‘false’).
datetimeIf you deliver them already as DateTime, thats perfect. If you deliver them as text, I recommend you to specify the format (i.e. dd.MM.yyyy).

Do I always need to define a primary key?
Yes, even if you want to create new records only.

I found an error, what should I do?
I take this very seriously. Please contact me and give me as many details as possible. As a developer it is important for me to be able to reproduce your issuse.