Getting Started

To create a simple datamigration from an excelsheet to Dynamics CRM follow these steps. Don’t be scared about the many steps. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll create a whole import within 2 minutes. Seriously!

Create the project

  1. Navigate to the installationpath C:\Program Files\IntegrationTool\
  2. Start the ProjectDesigner
  3. File -> New Project
  4. Enter a projectname and select a location on the disk.
  5. Click Create

Create New Project

Setup the connections

Before you configure anything else, you need to define at least one connection to your data-source (Excel) and your target (Dynamics CRM). For the later we need a Dynamics CRM connectionstring. You can find them at the bottom of this MSDN-Page.

Excel Connection

  1. Create new Connection
  2. Select Excel and give it a name
  3. Select a path to the Excelsheet
  4. Choose the sheet
  5. Click Create

Dynamics CRM-Connection:
Crm Connection

  1. Create new Connection
  2. Select Dynamic CRM and give it a name
  3. Enter the connectionstring to your CRM
  4. Click Create

Create a package

Packages are logical groups, which you can run separatly. This could i.e. be the case if you’d like to have masterdata in one package and interfaces or regular imports in another.

  1. Create new Package
  2. Give it a name and click Create

Configure the import

  1. Doubleclick the package you just created
  2. Drag a Step to the Sequence Designer
    Import Sequence
    (Select it and click again within one second to rename it.)

  3. Doubleclick the Step

A step is an import of an entity. I.e. import account or import contact. By doubleclicking the step you switch automatically to the detail- or subconfiguration of this step, which allows you to configure the source and the target.

  1. Drag an Excelsource to the designer
  2. Double-click it and select your excelconnection
  3. Click Create
  4. Drag the Dynamics CRM target to the designer
  5. Double-click it and select your crmconnection

Configure the Dynamics CRM target
This tool does not only let you import records, but also update them as well. To do so, you must first map the attributes. Next you must determine according to which attribute(s) a record must be created or updated and select it under the existing-check. This is normaly your primarykey.

  1. Select the target-entity
  2. Map the attributes (just drag and drop)
    Screenshot Attribute Mapping

  3. Select your primarykey under the existingcheck
    Screenshot Import Settings
    (In this example the ContactId is mapped to new_id)

  4. Click Create

Ready to run :-)
Save the project and click on Run Package to start the import!