jsPlumb Tutorial

To profit best from this tutorial, you should already have a basic understanding of

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

What is jsPlumb?

Have you ever wanted to show diagrams on your website or use it even in a browser-application? With jsPlumb you can! It’s completly free and available under the MIT license. You can download the framework directly from the jsPlumb github-website.

The project is developed mainly by Simon Porritt, who works as a webdeveloper in Sidney, Australia. jsPlumb is developed very actively by him. As many great developers it seems he likes more developing code than writing tutorials, thats why I provide an easy get started tutorial for it.

Screenshot of jsPlumb diagram

Why should I use it?

Well if you should use it depends on what you want to do with jsPlumb. The framework works out great for webapplications which must draw diagrams, like i.e. visio-like applications or workflow-designers etc. As all parameters of the diagram-items and connections are very granular controllable, you can draw allmost any type of diagram you can think of!

Start learning jsPlumb now!