WPF Diagram Designer

To profit best from this tutorial, you should already have a basic understanding of

  • Codeproject WPF Diagram Designer
  • WPF

This tutorial is about improving the WPF Diagram Designer which can be found completly with sourcecode on CodeProject under the following URL: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/24681/WPF-Diagram-Designer-Part. As the diagram designer is quite powerful but not so easy to understand, there seem to be many questions how it can be extended with additional functionality.

You did not look for an article about extending the codeproject diagram designer? Commercial controls can be found from the following vendors.

If you didn’t see the codeproject-article so far, have a look at the screenshot below to see how the diagram designer looks.

Screenshot of WPF Diagram Designer

The article goes from fixing bugs to extending cool new features like

  • Labels on the DesignerItems
  • Curved connections
  • Snap to grid
  • Rotation
  • and many more.

Are you missing a specific feature? Let me know!

Start extending the Diagram Designer now!